Join us for the 33rd Anniversary New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run
Saturday, August 10, 2019

Eligibility requirements:  All vehicles up through 1908 and any 1 or 2 cylinder vehicles up through 1915 are eligible to participate in Saturday run.  This includes bikes, motorcycles, steam and electric cars as well.  On Pre-tours only, any vehicle up though 1915.

Driving:  Drivers must drive in a safe manner at all times.  Due to the nature of driving these antique cars, with all of their constraints and peculiarities, extra caution must be taken to assure a safe run for the antique cars and participants as well as modern cars and the public.  This includes leaving space for cars to pass, as well as passing safely.  Antique cars are to pull well to the right to let cars around and be aware of traffic building up behind them, pulling off if necessary.  The Antique Car Run has the support of the public and numerous Police and enforcement agencies all along the route.  We do not want to put the run at risk due to dangerous or poor driving habits on our part.  Drivers who put the run at risk will be asked to leave and their future registrations will be declined.

Wednesday, August 7th – a well-planned tour and outing, evening includes dinner at Neer Park in New London.

 Thursday, August 8th – a scenic tour through West Central MN, evening provides an opportunity for drivers to meet their assigned volunteer tow drivers over dinner. 

Friday, August 9th – 36 mile warm up tour before the big day, scenic tour around Nest and Green Lakes in the New London area in the early afternoon after the morning brunch and drivers’ meeting.

Saturday, August 10th – 120+ mile tour of beautiful Minnesota countryside, 5 rest stops in communities along the way, finish line finale and award ceremony in New Brighton, part of the Stockyard Days festival. 

Sunday, August 11th – 33rd Annual New Brighton Car Show and Swap Meet at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton where Stockyard Days continues.

Photograph deadline: To have a picture of your car in the Official Roster, photos must be received by July 15th.

Email photos to:  or mail to Antique Car Run, Inc., 803 Old Hwy 8 NW, New Brighton, MN 55112. Pictures from previous programs/rosters will be used if new ones are not received.

Starting Order: The starting gun for the Antique Car Run will sound at 7 am. The oldest and slowest antique cars will depart from the starting line first, regardless of car entry number. To  qualify for a medallion, cars must start by 9 am, finish in New Brighton by 8 pm.

Shirts and Medallions: Each NLNB driver will receive a commemorative T-shirt in his/her packet at registration. Assist us by noting your preferred size on the front of this form. Specially minted, dated medallions will be awarded to all finishers at an awards ceremony between 6:00 and 6:30 pm at Long Lake Park.

Costumes: The ACR encourages but doesn’t require period clothing. Please plan to wear period costumes. They add a great deal of fun to the Run for both participants and spectators.

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